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Adrien Brody on Splice

Published June 7, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Warner Bros
Adrien Brody became the youngest actor to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in The Pianist. That was a moving, powerful Holocaust film. Since then he’s made fun movies like The Village, King Kong, Splice and Predators.

Adrien Brody Talks Splice

“The only pressure I feel is when people wonder why I make certain choices and they ask me, ‘Why did you make that choice?’” Brody said. “I don’t really feel pressure in that. It’s a legitimate question. I’m not saying that it isn’t. For many years I’ve worked very hard at proving something to myself and I’m very disciplined in my choices and I have not lost that discipline. What I’ve gained is the ability to be more playful with my work and my choices, which I have less to prove to myself. I can’t live up to everyone’s expectations all the time and that’s not my responsibility. I don’t feel that way. I have to live up to my own.”

Splice is the kind of horror movie Brody loved as a kid, citing Alien and The Shining as his personal favorites, with honorable mention for Predator. So now he’s making movies for the kids.

Splice Splice

Splice Splice

“When I did King Kong and it was very exciting because I wanted to work with Peter and King Kong is this iconic film and very different obviously from anything that I had done. I was amazed at how children and young people loved Jack Black. They loved him. Everywhere he went, they adored him, really adored him. I thought wow, that’s such a wonderful thing, and none of those kids recognized me, none of them. It was a realization that I had a whole audience that doesn’t know my work. I think what I love about film is that you have this wonderful connection and so many people can see the hard work that you’ve put into something and you can actually have this connection. It’s a wonderful experience to be in a theater. I feel it, we all feel it. When you are moved by something and a performance and you’re taken down that road, it’s what we hope to see in the theater and it’s what an actor really strives for.”

And, now Brody has groupies. “My point is that doing certain films, after that, kids started knowing me and I’d go to the bank and there’d be kids there like, ‘You’re the guy from King Kong’ and ‘awesome’ and high fiving me. Then when I’m hanging out with Tony Hawk and going around, I’m not the strange guy that’s hanging out with Tony Hawk. I’m the guy from this movie or that and I love that.”

Kids might be too young to see Splice but they may sneak in. They’ll still get to see an Oscar winner tempted by feelings for the creature he’s helped create in the lab. “Well, he’s intimate with her. He’s intimate with those eyes. He has this connection. He doesn’t understand why in some way but she’s obviously very beautiful in a strange way. She’s got very beautiful human feminine characteristics as well, so I think that’s part of the allure for him. I think he’s kind of caught up in the strangeness of it all and it’s very strange. That element of it is very creepy but funny. I mean, when I watch it, it pushes the boundaries so much that it’s amusing to me.”

Splice is out in theaters now.

For the trailers, poster and more movie info, go to the Splice Movie Page.

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