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Russell Brand on Get Him to the Greek

Published June 2, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Universal Pictures
Russell Brand reprises his role of Aldous Snow in Get Him to the Greek. Snow was the rock star he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but now he’s fallen off the wagon. Don’t get too deep about it. Brand wants to make sure you don’t give him inappropriate praise.

Russell Brand on Get Him to the Greek

“Now there’s a real Oscar buzz around this part I played, Aldous Snow,” Brand said. “It’s too early to indulge this OSCAR BUZZ. Come on. Let’s nip it in the bud because it’s too much, it’s my first lead. Just go easy with the Oscar buzz is all I’m saying.”

Perhaps Brand is being too modest about his part, but he did suffer for his art. “Rose Byrne hit me in the face and it wasn’t in the script. It didn’t say because if it was, I’d have prepared for it. It’s not in the script, she hit me. We’re in a scene, we’re arguing and Rose just went [SMACK]. THAT HARD! That’s too hard! That’s not in the script. I complained to Nick, the director. He said that I was making a fuss.”

That was only the beginning of Brand’s troubles on the set. “Here is a list of things that went wrong with me for which I’m still considering legal action. In the scene where I’m on the stage of the Greek performing, there is a shower of sparks, right? They put me in the wrong place one time and the shower of sparks all landed on me. I just thought, ‘Should this be happening?’ I thought about continuing to act but it’s hard when there’s all those hot things landing on you. It was being stabbed. It was a peculiar storm of fire. So I asked if it could stop now and then there was a break for it. It was quite good. I got a lot of attention immediately after. ‘Oh, sorry, that should never have happened to you. Are you all right?’ I laid down on a couch for a while, just milked it. Another time, I was in Trafalger Square and I got pushed into a fountain. That was weird. Then another time, Rose Byrne hit me. Another time I had to do a threesome. The whole thing actually is the sort of thing that people describe after being released from Guantanamo Bay.”

Get Him to the Greek Get Him to the Greek

The crew subjected Brand to abuse on the set too. “There’s one bit where my bum was at. I had to take my trousers and pants down in the shot and they were shooting from behind me. The cameraman, Casey, the camera’s there and I pulled my trousers and pants down. I didn’t mean to pull my underpants down, it was a mistake. I carried on acting, trying my best to do good acting and the cameraman, Casey, in the middle of the scene, in a sensitive, closed set situation went, ‘Can we stop now ‘cause this is horrible.’ I thought he was talking about my bottom. I felt shy about it.”

Casey yelled at Brand in another scene too. “We were getting out of the car and that same cameraman, Casey, I got out and Jonah was in front of me so I was back there and I should’ve been lining up parallel to Jonah so the camera could see both of us but I was a bit behind him, I don’t care. He goes, ‘Russell, you’re getting lost behind Jonah.’ And I said, ‘Oh, I do apologize. Sorry, I was in the moment.’ He went, ‘Get out of the f***in’ moment.’ I was trying my hardest.”

Get Him to the Greek opens to theaters on June 4th.

For the trailer, poster and more movie info, go to the Get Him to the Greek Movie Page.
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