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Jonah Hill on Get Him to the Greek

Published May 26, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Universal Pictures
Get Him to the Greek Get Him to the Greek

We’ve seen Jonah Hill a lot since Superbad, usually in a cameo or a group ensemble film. Get Him to the Greek is his first real starring vehicle after that. Now that he’s well known, doing press for the film is a different experience.

Hill Talks Get Him to the Greek

“I’d say it’s way less strenuous than the Superbad tour because we were unknown, Michael, Chris and I,” Hill said. “We had to travel all around the country and the world for way longer periods of time and really get the word out there because no one could say, ‘Hey, I know who those guys are. I’m gonna go see their movie.’ It was like, ‘I don’t know who these guys are.’ We had to kind of introduce ourselves to the press all around the country and the world. So this one, although it’s pretty long and tiring, it’s like a cake walk compared to the Superbad Tour. But, it’s fun. It’s actually a lot of fun. If you love the movie, I think this movie’s really good and I’m proud of it. It’s nice to go meet fans and talk to people who appreciate it.”

Hill has been careful about his success. Instead of knocking out a bunch of star vehicles, he waited until the right one came along. “This is only the second movie I’ve been able to choose after Superbad, really to kind of pick and choose what you’re doing. I think I could’ve sold out a hundred times over between now and then. I just took my time and waited for the right movies like Get Him to the Greek or Cyrus and Moneyball. I just took my time and I think because I’ve only starred in one other movie, Superbad, people assume I’m like my character in Superbad who is a 17-year-old horny, obnoxious loud mouth teenager and it was appropriate for that movie. But I’m a 26-year-old ambitious man and I’m not like that. So I think it’s important for this character to represent the audience because it is the ultimate fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to party with their favorite rock star? I had to represent the person watching it so it had to be more relatable I think.”

Get Him to the Greek Get Him to the Greek

In Greek, Hill plays a record company intern who has to get a rock star to his concert. He experiences the party lifestyle in its most unglamorous extreme. “I think that people who party like rock stars and rock stars themselves probably have a higher tolerance for that sort of thing and the average person going into that world would probably not be able to handle it as well. I think the movie is kind of the ultimate fantasy in that who hasn’t dreamt about going on the road with their favorite rock star to party for three days? In actuality, I don’t think in a cheesy way you kind of realize after all the fun, debauchery, and sex, drugs and roll ‘n roll, that a lot of times that life style can be rather empty and, without loved ones and people that you care about and that in turn care about you, life can be pretty sad.”

One thing Hill shares with his character is an ability to participate in Hollywood B.S. When Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) asks his opinion of a critical dud album, he’s got to be honest. “Honestly, if a friend of mine shows me their movie, if it’s someone I love and respect and they ask my honest opinion, I give them my honest opinion, but not in a mean, spiteful way. If a friend of mine who I know loves me gives me criticism, I know they’re not doing it to hurt me. They’re doing it to make me aware of what needs to be better next time out of love. If it’s a stranger and someone says, ‘Hey, I love your movies,’ and they’re an actor or a director and I don’t love their movies, I just say ‘Thank you’ and don’t say, ‘I love your movies as well.’ Because it’s good to be polite and it’s really nice of them to say so, but I have an inability to be full of sh*t I guess.”

Get Him to the Greek opens to theaters on June 4th.

For the trailer, poster and more movie info, go to the Get Him to the Greek Movie Page.
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