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Rose Byrne on Get Him to the Greek

Published May 25, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Universal Pictures
Get Him to the Greek Get Him to the Greek

Aldous Snow is the star of Get Him to the Greek. You know him as the rock star from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. There’s another fake musician in the movie, Snow’s true love Jackie Q. Rose Byrne plays Jackie and gets to sing a few ridiculous songs of her own.

Rose Byrne on Get Him to the Greek

“’Ride me, inside me, it’s supertight, boom boom’ and I’ve really got to sell it,” Byrne said. “My singing teacher’s there going, ‘RIDE ME, INSIDE ME, IT’S SUPERTIGHT!’ I’m like yeah! Just looking at [director]Nick Stoller going, ‘Did you really go to Harvard? Really?’”

Perhaps the best song didn’t make it into the film. “I have one other song, ‘Pound Me in the Buttocks,’ but I think that might be an iTunes special. It’s pretty subtle. I don't know, it’s going to take a while for me to get the message across to you. I’m not sure if you’ve got the time. Do you have the time? We didn’t do a video for that one. Sadly I just recorded it in the studio.”

Jackie Q also wears some outrageous outfits in the true rock star tradition. “Well, I mean, clearly pretty different from my personal fashion but just really informed me of who she was, and such an opportunity to go crazy and wear some wild stuff and things that I would never wear. We had a great costume designer, Leesa Evans, that was just so into her detail and was really refined with her taste and things. It was really fun. That monokini was terrifying but the fake tan really helped because it covers up all your blemishes and what not. The costumes were really fun.”

Get Him to the Greek Get Him to the Greek

Perhaps American audiences know Byrne best from Damages. They’ll be surprised to see her laughing it up in Greek. “I’m not that serious a person and I’ve always been saying to my agent, I don't think I’m particularly funny but I really wanted to try and to see if I could do it. It was a really great opportunity to go in. Nick Stoller is actually friendly with one of the creators of Damages, so he knows Damages quite well and it’s not a comedy. It’s a great show but it’s not a comedy so for him to be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll see Ellen Parsons and see her come in to play Jackie Q’ is pretty far fetched. So it’s a testament to him that he had an open mind, which isn’t always the case in Hollywood. You have to educate people that you want to do other films.”

It was her serious drama gig that taught her how to keep a straight face while all this ridiculous comedy was going on around her. “Glenn Close taught me how to keep a [straight face] because I would always start laughing and Glenn is amazing at just [deadpan] nothing. And she’s terrifying. She’s scarier than anybody when she’s performing. That’s sort of what I tried. When I start to feel laughing, I start to go okay, just remember Glenn. She’s amazing. She does not break. I used to break a lot but after three years of Damages I can steel myself now because I can laugh a little bit.”

Get Him to the Greek opens to theaters on June 4th.

For the trailer, poster and more movie info, go to the Get Him to the Greek Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Universal Pictures

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