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American Idol Season 9 Top 3 Results

Published May 19, 2010 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol

Case(y) Closed - We learned who would be competing for the confetti shower next week at the Nokia Theater.

Ryan opened the show with a host chat with the final three. Remember we have an entire hour to fill. He asked them about the Idol experience and how their perspectives have changed. Casey didn’t think he would make it past the auditions. Crystal said she didn’t realize how much work it was. Lee found it was much different than he thought it would be, but embraced the hard work and strived to be a good person. Ryan then asked if any of them had pictured themselves winning. Casey responded no. Crystal said yes and through this journey has learned anything is attainable. Lee found now, more than ever, he really wants to win.

American Idol: Season 9 Top 3 Results

Randy was asked what he felt about the contestants’ progress through this process. He recalled Lee was so shy at the outset. Crystal has grown from the indie girl they first met. And Casey has found some good direction.

The Ford Music Video once again featured the lime Fiesta. The idols spray painted murals, a la graffiti artists. The video was set to “Wild One” (Real Wild Child). Cute.

Casey James winged his way to his hometown visit in Fort Worth, Texas. It featured the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, a trip to the hospital where he was cared for after his accident and huge crowds. One thing we did not get was to hear Casey sing.

Perez Hilton introduced his online discovery, Travis Garland. Hilton assured us he is better than Justin Timberlake. A tall order to be sure. Garland performed “Believe” in a boy band way. Judging from this performance, he is a stronger dancer than singer.

Next we saw Crystal Bowersox’s hometown visit to Toledo, Ohio. There was a huge parade. She visited her Dad’s home and had time with her baby boy. There was a ‘Bowerstock’ concert. We were treated to a portion of her original song, “Holy Toledo”.

Lee DeWyze touched down in Chicago and a whirlwind day ensued. He threw out the first pitch at a Cubs game. Lee visited his elementary school. When he arrived at the paint store, he could not hold back the tears. He spent time with his parents, had a parade and performed a concert at a racetrack.

Justin Bieber performed “U Smile” and “Baby”. He sang, danced and played the drums. Sort of a young Donny Osmond (lite).

Now it was finally time for results. Ryan said “Good luck to all of you. Dim the lights.” The first person in next week’s finale is Lee DeWyze. The next person would be Crystal Bowersox. As Crystal and Lee hugged each other and twirled around the stage, Casey was eliminated. Casey graciously said he was thankful for the opportunity and the amazing journey. He reprised “Daughters” while he held his niece (with large hair bows) on his lap. He then thanked the judges as his ‘Idol Journey’ rolled. Ryan told Casey, “We’ll see a lot of you.” He added now we are down to these two for the finale.

Well Idol faithful, there were no surprises here. What are you hoping to see at the Nokia next week? Who will take the confetti shower and the crown? What farewell plans are planned for Simon? The American Idol Season 9 Finale Tuesday with results on Wednesday on Fox.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of Fox

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