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Antonio Banderas on Shrek Forever After

Published May 18, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of DreamWorks Animation
They’ve been talking about a Puss In Boots solo movie ever since the supporting character stole the show in Shrek 2. Two more sequels later, Puss is still part of the ensemble of Shrek Forever After, but his day is finally coming says voice actor Antonio Banderas.

Antonio Banderas Talks Shrek Forever After

“It’s totally different. So far nothing going to same narrative process than Shrek. It goes the different direction, takes more from Sergio Leone’s kind of ‘60s movies, probably western. We divide the screens and stuff like that. It is a lot of fun too, but it is different context.”

It may be sad to say goodbye to the traditional Shrek crew, but it’s been a good four movies, three with Banderas. “It’s sad in one side, but very satisfying because I think I did three movies of <B>Shrek</b>. Actually, sometimes when you are playing against pop culture, it became pop culture itself. That’s what it is now. I was in New York this year and watching the parade from my house. The Thanksgiving parade, here it was, the Shrek big balloon just crossing in front of my window and behind him was Mickey Mouse. It became part of American pop culture right now and I am thinking it was beautiful what we have done. The 10 years of working. It was sad one side, the other side, yes, it got to continue its own saga I hope it goes well.”

Shrek Forever After Shrek Forever After

The series is particularly sweet to Banderas, since he’s making money off his voice and he’s not even a native English speaker. “I came to this country without speaking language, then I found they called me to use my voice very surprising, fun every time at recording sessions. I had a lot of fun. Also memories, I remember when we opened in the Cannes film festival, and you see the whole entireties of Europe in the movie theatre. It was a kind of outstanding to me, the beautiful moment we have. And promotion, around the world.”

Perhaps Dreamworks gets a deal with Banderas, because he can do some of the foreign versions himself. “I do Spanish version for two different versions: Castillian Spanish version for Spain and another one for Latin America, and then the Italian version.”

Shrek Forever After opens to theaters on May 21st.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of DreamWorks Animation

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