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Colin Hanks on The Good Guys

Published May 13, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of 20th Century Fox
The Good Guys The Good Guys

Fox’s new action-comedy The Good Guys will show you a whole new side of Colin Hanks. He’s been in action before. He’s been in comedies before. But he gets to be the funny one in action on this show.

Colin Hanks One of the Good Guys

“I read a lot of stuff in which I’m sort of sent the straight-man stuff, but I don’t really get to say anything funny,” Hanks said. “I just sort of have to act exasperated and frustrated. This was a script in which I actually got to say funny stuff back. So it was really much more of a duo that play off each other as opposed to one sane person amidst a group of crazy people going, ‘This is so nuts.’”

Hanks is teamed up with Bradley Whitford as a pair of buddy cops in Dallas. “So I just want to be able to sort of have a little bit of witty banter back and forth, and since we’ve met, we haven’t stopped with the witty banter back and forth.”

Setting up shop in Dallas has been more of a challenge for Hanks. “Shooting on location is never particularly easy, especially if you just moved into a house four days before you found out you’re going to be moving again. But that’s part of the gig, you know. It’s just sort of part of it, and you hope that you shoot in good places. Dallas seems to be a fantastic place to shoot. In a strange way for us, it is kind of like the circus rolling into town, a weird sort of summer vacation, summer camp in July through January, if you’re going backwards.”

The Good Guys premiers May 19 on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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