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Zoe Saldana on The Losers

Published April 27, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Warner Bros Pictures
After her groundbreaking ass kicking role in Avatar, audiences will be game to see Zoe Saldana kicking butt again in The Losers. She remains in human form this time, holding her own against the tough guys. That was nothing compared to getting romantic in hot, PG-13 friendly love scenes.

Zoe Saldana One of The Losers

“It helps when you get along with the actors,” Saldana said. “It helps that Jeffrey was such a gentleman and so respectful because trust me, as a woman, try doing that with a frickin’ prick. Been there, it’s not a good day at work. You’re the only one that’s naked and you have to act like you’re not aware that you’re naked. And then, not only that, you have to flip your hair and have an orgasm So, when you work with a good director and a good actor that makes it seem just like a regular Tuesday, then love scenes are like any other fight scene. They’re just awesome.”

Based on a comic book, The Losers’ Aisha has a lot of specific traits already defined. Saldana made it her own. “I don’t focus on the representation. I think I just focus on the character so I’m playing a woman that has issues just like any individual would. If I was a comedian and I just tried to play a comedy, then I’m not going to be a storyteller. Then I think that happens after. After you’ve laid everything and you’ve imprinted that on film, then you walk away going, ‘Okay, that really represented something powerful. I kind of hope it’s seen.’ But I couldn’t focus only on that because I had to be Aisha.”

Having two movies come out in one month would be a big deal for most actors. For Saldana, it’s just April. After Star Trek and Avatar came out last year, Saldana tries to stay grounded amid the success.

The Losers The Losers

The Losers The Losers

“There are so many other directions that I choose to focus on instead because if I do, I’m just going to blow up. It is overwhelming. You do feel very blessed but at the same time too, I like what I do. I like being employed. I like living off of my art. It’s an absolute privilege when you get to work with amazing directors and good actors and you get to play really good roles. You just want to give it 150% and you pray to God that the movie makes $400 million.”

Saldana doesn’t want to play action heroines forever, but since she’s in a unique position now, she’ll take advantage of it. “You want to play great characters but right now I feel that Hollywood has made a living out of portraying women to be such canker sores. We just have to be rescued all the time because we’re so incompetent, when in reality sometimes art needs to reflect what’s going on in real life. In today’s society, especially in American society, women are doing so much. I’m from Queens. I’m not from that era where if I was baking cookies, I’d do it. I think that’s great, whatever. But, I grew up in Queens in the ‘80s where women were the caretakers and they were the soldiers. I’m in that phase right now so until I burn that, then I’ll be the damsel in distress. But right now, I like holding the gun. I like participating in the saving of the day. I think it’s really sexy. It’s kind of like my mom.”

The Losers opens to theaters on April 23rd.

For the trailer, poster, review and more movie info, go to the The Losers Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros Pictures

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