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Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Losers

Published April 26, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Warner Bros Pictures
Jeffrey Dean Morgan came on the “dude” radar with his turn as The Comedian in Watchmen. Before that he was just some love story guy from Grey’s Anatomy and P.S. I Love You. Now he’s got another comic book character to play in The Losers.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan One of The Losers

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be here and be in this world,” Morgan said. “This is a great world to be in and as actors, you get all these scripts. What’s great about the world of comic books is the stories are original. There’s this kind of ebb and flow in Hollywood and you get the same scripts over and over. Every romantic comedy reads exactly the same. In the world of graphic novels, there’s some originality there. There’s some great characters. So it’s way groovy to be here.”

Clay, the leader of The Losers, gave Morgan a bit more room to interpret his performance than The Comedian. “I think that was so kind of iconic, that needed to be exactly so close to the comic book or people would’ve ripped us a new one. This, this is a great foundation to use, for us as characters, invaluable. It gives you a really great place to start and jump off. Jock and Andy did such a good job kind of defining these characters. Then [director] Sylvain [White] kind of allowed us as actors to take what we gathered out of those graphic novels and bring to life what we kind of thought of those particular characters and their relationships. So we got to play around a little bit more than I did in Watchmen.”

The Losers The Losers

Not only is Clay a fighter, but he’s a lover too. He has both a fight scene and a love scene with costar Zooey Saldana. “The love scene, that was hard. I had a rough day that day. ‘I need another take! Just one more. Sylvain, come on! I don’t feel like she flipped her hair right on that one.’ Technically, the fight was much harder. Zoe and I, the whole cast, were very comfortable around each other from day one. So that fight was a huge challenge for both of us, physically and in trying also to get the tone of what we needed to accomplish in that scene, which I think we did. Yeah, the love scene, man, bring that on! I had Zoe Saldana sitting on my lap naked. Yeah, rough!”

Morgan also found a new four legged friend while shooting in Puerto Rico. “I adopted a little pup there that wandered out of the jungle of Puerto Rico and had been hit by a car. We all took care of him for a while, but he is with me. I’ve got a little piece of Losers in Puerto Rico with me at all times now. [His name is] Bandit or Bandito. It was Bandito in Puerto Rico but now I’ve shortened it to Bandit because I’m screaming at him all the time. Puerto Rican jungle mutt, man. He’s awesome. He’s really cute. He’s an awesome dog.”

The Losers opens to theaters on April 23rd.

For the trailer, poster, review and more movie info, go to the The Losers Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros Pictures

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