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Jennifer Lopez on The Back-Up Plan

Published April 22, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of CBS Films
Jennifer Lopez’s latest romantic comedy hits close to home. In The Back-Up Plan, she plays a woman embarking on single motherhood via a sperm bank. Then she meets Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) who doesn’t know what he’s getting into. Lopez had just had her own twins, so she related to the script.

Jennifer Lopez on The Back-Up Plan

“For me just the experience of being pregnant was something that I obviously could relate to,” Lopez said. “All the different feelings and emotions and everything in the script, there was just so much for me in there that I related to and loved playing. Just everything. It was just perfect timing for me.”

When Lopez met the screenwriter, Kate Angelo, they bonded over pregnancy stories. “When we first met, we met at this aerobics class. I don’t know why aerobics is such an ‘80s term. It was a boot camp. She comes up to me and I had just signed on to the movie. I was really excited about it. It was right before Christmas. She said, ‘I’m Kate Angelo.’ I was like, ‘Hi.’ She was like, ‘I wrote The Back-up Plan.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ She’s like, ‘I just had a baby too.’ It was very kind of like perfect. It was so fresh in our minds.”

Lopez wasn’t looking to make the tell all movie about her own pregnancy. She just knew it was time to get back in the spotlight. “I mean, it was just time for me to do a movie again, I think. I just love romantic comedies. It was just the first thing that I wanted to do back. So we started looking for one and this one came up. It was just perfect. I mean, obviously throughout my career I’ve always felt like certain things come to me at the right time. When I look at the work that I’ve done, it’s always very kind of indicative of where I was in my life at the moment. This was the same thing. It was just very kind of serendipitous that it happened this way. It was perfect.”

The Back-Up Plan The Back-Up Plan

The Back-Up Plan The Back-Up Plan

There have been many leading men to win the heart of Mr. Lopez on screen, so O’Loughlin had a lot to live up to. Perhaps Lopez knows how to pick ‘em. “I think with romantic comedies it’s a lot about tone because different romantic comedies have different tones. I think you have to really understand what the director and what kind of story he wants to tell and what kind of tone he wants the movie to have. Once you’re there, sometimes it actually gets created on the set as well with how you start playing with an actor with the material and what the director likes. He’s like, ‘That’s good. Let’s go in that direction. Let’s do that.’ It becomes created through the actors with the director during the film. I think everything needs to be played real, for reality’s sake, for truth. That is the drama and the comedy. When you do that it’s funnier and when you do that, you really do hit the emotional beats. I do it the same way as I do a drama. I just play it for truth and then maybe have a little bit of fun with it sometimes.”

Of course, a steamy love scene helps too. “We know we have to do it. We signed on for it. Even when it’s not PG-13 and you sign on for it, you know that it’s something you’re going to have to do. But it’s one of the things it’s like, ‘Eh, the love scene’s coming up.’ You know what I mean? Always, for me anyway. Still, even as an actor when you have a kissing scene it’s still weird. Even when you like the person. We totally know that it’s part of our job. You asked us if it was weird. It’s weird.”

The Back-Up Plan opens to theaters on April 23rd.

For the trailers and more movie info, go to the The Back-Up Plan Movie Page.

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