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American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Girls

Published March 1, 2010 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
Where’s the Wow?

We are back, Idol Nation! After so much anticipation, for what has been touted as a girl dominated season, many of the performances were less than fabulous. The top 12 girls chose songs from the Billboard Charts – in other words anything.

Letís break it down from worst to first.

American Idol: Season 9 Top 12 Girls

Haeley Vaughn – “I Want to Hold Your Hand” – bad song choice, off key in many places, so wanted her to do well – Kara said all over the place, didn’t hit some notes, needs work on technique – Randy said unpredictable, messy high notes, Ellen said you shine on stage, enjoyed it, great voice (Side note on Ellen, was so excited for her debut, but did she look like a deer in the headlights most of the night or what? Once again I have to say, we don’t need four judges. But I can’t imagine AI without Simon.) – Simon said verging on terrible, vocals all over the place, utter mess.

Lacey Brown – “Landslide”- over-stylized the song, missed the mark totally, but she has a nice voice -Randy said not right song for you, terrible, pitchy – Ellen said you are better than that, moments got lost – Simon said depressing, indulgent, haven’t worked out who you are, boring – Kara said forced, hope America gives you one more shot.

Ashley Rodriguez – “Happy” – very rough in parts, too ambitious, such a cute girl – Kara said some nice moments other moments weren’t great – Randy said good job, but didn’t do well for you – Ellen said do a whole different vibe, take a risk – Simon said clumsy, didn’t like arrangement, going backward, no originality, could be in trouble tonight.

Paige Miles – “All Right Now” – not a great song choice, body of song ok with redemption at the end, Hollywood week performance far outshined tonight – Simon said best voice of all the girls, wedding singer song – Kara said brilliant rock song, ‘slayed’ verse – Randy said not right song, but powerful voice, great job – Ellen said so there, great look and sound, fantastic.

Janell Wheeler – “What About Love” – wrong song, adequate performance – Randy said wasn’t my favorite song choice, I like your voice, got vibes for you – Ellen said like song choice, couple off notes, moved well on stage, liked it – Simon said 100% effort delivered 65%, had moments, I do like your voice - Kara said you lose distinctiveness of your voice with big songs.

Didi Benami - “The Way I Am” – soulful, quirky, good voice – Simon said good singer, song dreary, indulgent, missing a spark, like you, have a good voice – Kara said song good, made some changes, a bit pitchy – Randy said where is the star factor, sounded great, love the song – Ellen said great voice, a little low key for a first impression.

Lilly Scott – “Fixing a Hole” – rough start, unusual song choice, has talent – Ellen said that’s what we’re talking about, unique voice – Simon said best so far, picked a song you liked not one that could get you through, no star power, nervous – Kara said believable, feel you are comfortable on stage, will remember you – Randy said Indy artist, loved honesty, great.

Siobhan Magnus – “Wicked Game” – nice tone, weak start, contender – Kara said wouldn’t have picked it but kind of liked it, Randy said tough song, great voice should go bigger – Ellen said loved it, liked song choice – Simon said funny little thing, liked it didn’t love it.

Michelle Delamor – “Falling” – good strong voice, a definite package, nice performance – Ellen said fantastic, safe because seemed easy – Simon said did very well, close to original, no wow moment, needs to work out what makes you different – Kara said commercial looking, moments not great, lack believability, need to be more unique – Randy said pretty good job, take some risks, get out of comfort zone.

Katie Stevens – “Feeling Good” – great voice, clothing too youthful and song too mature, but a contender – Ellen said good, great, conservative, wants to see her be 17 – Simon said like your parents picked it, be a young recording artist – Kara said pitchy, ridiculous chops – Randy said pushing so hard going sharp, too old for you.

Crystal Bowersox – “Hand in my Pocket” – so talented, made most of performance, want to see more – Randy said love your originality, I like you, I am a fan – Ellen said you add something fresh to the show – Simon said thousands of you outside subway stations, take a song and make it your version, refreshing, I like you – Kara said good tonight, have greatness in you.

Katelyn Epperly – “O Darlin’ “ – comfortable, natural performer, fabulous vocals – Simon said like you, quirky, good choice of song – Kara said know your voice very well, improved song, don’t like look – Randy said you pay attention to tone not runs, think you can go places – Ellen said interesting, great voice, thought it was pushed.

Did the guys outshine the girls? Will we be spared more of Ellen’s shtick which takes time away from the contestants? (The video of Simon supposedly hitting on her -which she already aired on her talk show.) Which girls will make the cut? Guys performances tonight on Fox. Results show Thursday.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of Fox

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