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American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Guys

Published February 25, 2010 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol
We’re Not Worthy.

After the performances, I can see why Randy and Simon are touting this season as all about the girls. I would barely consider half of the performances ‘Idolworthy’. And the rest were a mess.

Let’s break it down from worst to first.

American Idol: Season 9 Top 12 Dudes

Tim Urban – “Apologize” – off key, just bad – Simon said nothing to take from that, vocals weak, performance not good enough – Kara said music swallowed you, likeable, cute, current, need to go more acoustic – Randy said wrong song, don’t have the falsetto, think you are better than that – Ellen said couldn’t hit the high notes, didn’t sound good, you are adorable (implying his looks may save him).

Jermaine Sellers – “Get Here” – weak, off key, kind of painful – Ellen said huge fan, love your look, pushing too much, went out and off – Randy said trying to do too much vocally with the song, pull it back, don’t make so much out of it – Kara said wanted to show what you can do, need to make runs meaningful, felt old – Simon said kind of song someone in their 50’s would request, totally blown your chances.

Todrick Hall – “Since You Been Gone” – would not recognize the song, soulful, but not good – Ellen said great performer, chorus rough, singing not the greatest, took a chance – Randy said amazing performer, didn’t sound like same song, want to see you sing, mad chops vocally – Kara said strong enough singer, don’t need to change the song that much next time, pull back – Simon said a dancer trying to sing, crazy arrangement, murdered the original song, verging on stupid.

Alex Lambert – “Wonderful World” – has a Rod Stewart quality to his voice, just ok – Simon said most uncomfortable performance of the night, you have a good voice, need to get it together – Kara said sounds like James Morrison, tone crazy, great potential, believe in yourself – Randy said favorite tone, like you, hope you stick around – Ellen said like you are holding on to the mullet, need confidence.

Tyler Grady – “American Woman” – 70’s vocals and vibe, but not strong enough – Simon said people will remember that performance partly for the wrong reason, cliché wanna be rock star, need to concentrate on vocals – Kara said obsession with the 70’s has him playing it too true to it, bring it into this decade, has a front man personality – Randy said who are you going to be right now, style over substance – Ellen said copying poses but lacking charisma and excitement, need to work on singing.

John Park – “God Bless the Child” – good voice, nice tone, off key in places – Simon said need an incredible voice for that song and you don’t, flat, no emotion – Kara said no connection, sleepy, ‘loungy’, indulgent (stolen from Simon, but in all fairness Randy stole chops from Kara), you can sing but where do fit in the industry today – Randy said song made you old, out of sorts – Ellen said don’t know why you picked that song, sounded great, want you to stay, like you.

Andrew Garcia – “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” – with guitar, weird switch, totally wrong song choice, has potential – Simon said disappointed, too serious, too indulgent, gotta do better – Kara said strange rendition, really like you, hope we see you again – Randy said I’m a fan of you, go back to being you, trying too hard – Ellen said people were talking about “Straight Up”, more like that, want to see more emotion, we like you.

Michael Lynche – “This Love” – with guitar, mostly on key, but uninspired, needs to open his eyes – Ellen said so much personality, great song choice, few pitch problems, love watching – Randy said high energy and fun – Kara said depressing night until he got here, not outrageously great, comfortable – Simon said supporting act before main act, delivered so little, nothing unique, you are better than that.

Joe Munoz – “You and I” – kind of sweet, few pitch problems, a little bland – Ellen said comfortable on stage, sounded good, liked it – Randy said not perfect song choice for me for you, worked it out – Kara said liked it, picked a song I wouldn’t think of for you, best tonight thus far – Simon said ok, safe, forgettable performance, didn’t show us you have potential to be a star.

Aaron Kelly – “Here Comes Goodbye” – struggled a little but has talent, good voice, needs to go up tempo – Simon said quite a good performance, look embarrassed to be here, not memorable, good singer, cute (did Simon say that?) – Kara said favorite kind of contestant, has no idea of raw talent, like pop country for you, great job – Randy said pitchy moments, big fan, believe in yourself and you can do it – Ellen said you will be here for awhile, good job, just going to get better.

Lee Dewyze – “Chasing Cars” – with guitar, couple pitch problems, best performance so far – Ellen said good song choice, screaming a little bit, love tone of your voice – Randy said ah dawg not the right song, you should go more rocker – Kara said song has small range, but changed it to unrecognizable – Simon said best performance by a mile, naturally good singer, authentically good voice.

Casey James – “Heaven” – with guitar, totally comfortable, most ‘Idolworthy’ performance, good voice, natural charisma – Kara said pitchy in the chorus, eye candy and ear candy – Ellen said could not hear you for Kara undressing you with her eyes – Randy said like you, great song choice – Simon said we are both cursed with good looks, chose right song, came over honest, sincere, likeable, this was your best performance in the competition.

Well Idol faithful, it could be a long season if things don’t improve. Have you picked your Top 6 guys already? Performances tonight by reigning American Idol, Kris Allen and rocker alum, Allison Iraheta. American Idol results show tonight on Fox.

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J Rodgers
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