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Cop Out Any Good?

Published February 24, 2010 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Sony Pictures, TrailerAddict
I for one have been excited about Cop Out for quite a while. The pairing of Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan sounded hilarious and a few of the scenes shown in the trailer suggested over the top hilarity. But, that might not be the real case here. Kevin Smith, who was recently told he was too fat by Southwest Airlines, sounds to have been on tilt while making this film.

Cop Out Reviews

Some of the first reviews have surfaced for Cop Out and they aren't as strong as we'd like. Okay, they both claim the film is below par, so maybe you'll want to dedicate this weekend to the thriller genre with both The Crazies and Shutter Island.

An homage to the '80s buddy-cop comedy, right down to the Harold Faltermeyer synth score, the extensively ad-libbed Cop Out doesn't cop out on talking the talk, but it falls down on the job whenever it comes to walking the walk.

Directed by -- but, in a departure, not written by -- Kevin Smith, this Bruce Willis-Tracy Morgan matchup definitely has its amusing moments, but ultimately all that improvised shtick gets mighty tired without any real break in the nonaction.

Cop Out Cop Out

Great buddy comedies are often built upon the tension between two wildly dissimilar personalities, thrust together by fate and forced to adapt to one another. In the case of "Cop Out," however, there's precious little of that tension to be found between co-leads Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, but more than enough between director Kevin Smith and the shoddy script he's elected to take on, and neither seems willing to budge. This comic policier will likely notch decent returns for Warner Bros. on the strength of its cast and paucity of its weekend competition, though longterm prospects look dubious.

Check out the full reviews for Cop Out by clicking the bold links above.

Cop Out opens to theaters on February 26th.

For the trailers and more movie info, go to the Cop Out Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Sony Pictures, TrailerAddict

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