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This Is It on Blu-Ray

Published February 15, 2010 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
This Is ItMichael Jackson's This Is It
This is It is the living concert that never was, cobbled together through rehearsal footage. On Blu Ray, it achieves a clarity and reality that brings it into total focus.

On Blu-Ray: Michael Jackson's This Is It

The stage footage that’s HD is just totally clear and sharp, even with the stage lighting that often doesn’t work in HD. Obviously when they have to cut to lower grade footage, you notice, and there is some backstage footage that’s so underlit you only see grain. But the clarity is there.

The film segments hold up too. You see Jackson’s new stuff blended in with classic Hollywood. You see green screen stage in bright color. The new “Thriller” is just a pure Blu Ray, like I’m sure the original blew people’s VHS minds back in the day.

Minor complaints, the chapter stops aren’t labeled by song so you have to search around. That seems like something that could have been prepared. Also, I know there were some deleted songs. Did they not want to cobble those together for us? Are they waiting for a later special edition? Oh well, at least the movie looks great.

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Fred Topel
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