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Return of Sarah Silverman Program

Published February 5, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Comedy Central
Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman

It’s been over a year since the last new Sarah Silverman Program. The comedian’s Comedy Central show is back with a third season. It took some compromise to make it happen, but to the naked eye it should look better than ever.

Sarah Silverman Program

“Despite having a 14 month gap, we have become like this well oiled machine,” Silverman said. “Even though our budget was smaller, we really made it work. A couple different people, we had a screening last night, were like, ‘Wow, you can really see the extra money in the budget.’ We have less money but it really doesn’t show. It aesthetically still looks so rich I think. We’ve just become kind of a well oiled machine despite giant gaps between production. You’d think we were The Sopranos and not a 21 ½ minute show about farts.”

Silverman and crew are going for broke this year. “I feel like it’s different from other seasons. It still looks like the same show certainly but I think we’ve taken everything up kind of a notch. Not in a ‘how can we push more buttons’ but just organically in terms of story and character. We really came into our own this year and I think all of us are excited about people seeing this season and seeing the arcs of it.”

They’ve even done a very special episode. “There’s even a genuinely dramatic storyline in episode 8 that we’re excited for people. Steve and Brian have the A story and I challenge you not to cry in the end. Like wow, we’re really doing it like Family Ties, the very special episode. It’s certainly still funny and the other storylines are ridiculous. I’m trying not to say retarded anymore but there is an episode where I realize that I’m retarded. It was fun. It was an interesting way to incorporate the mentally challenged and work.”

Silverman is also getting back out into the standup world, but her routine and the show are interdependent. “I haven’t been able to start anew because I’ve been writing the show and then shooting the show. I’m like a huge pussy that needs to get to sleep immediately when I work in the day, so I’m finally doing standup again. It’s been scary and really I’ve been so lost. You know, when you’re starting over but people know who you are, it’s a whole new bag of stuff and you have to just be willing to suck a lot but I feel like I’m finally getting myself back. I’ve got a bunch of new stuff.”

The Sarah Silverman Program airs Thursdays on Comedy Central.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Comedy Central

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