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Jackie Earle Haley on Human Target

Published February 4, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox
Human Target Human Target

A lot of acclaimed actors are gravitating towards TV, but usually as the lead of a show. Jackie Earle Haley is the supporting character of Human Target, but perhaps the most memorable. Guerrero is the shady mystery man who helps Chance (Mark Valley) and Winston (Chi McBride) on their missions. It is his second of three DC comic book properties, after Watchmen and leading into Green Lantern.

Jackie Earle Haley on Human Target

“I purchased some stock in DC,” Haley joked. “I don’t know;,I guess I got some good buddies over at DC. It’s just awesome. DC materials rock. I can’t even say it’s not coincidence. I guess the DC guys kind of thought of me for this after Watchmen. DC comics are awesome. After Watchmen, I really started to kind of get into the comic book world. I’m still nowhere near quite the fan that some of the fan boys are, but after reading Watchmen, I kind of went on an Alan Moore jag as well as reading a few others, and I’m still poking around through some comics.”

Guerrero is more of Haley’s own creation. He even talks like Haley. “Dude,” Haley revealed. “I mean, that just kind of came out when we were shooting and then the guys embraced it. I guess I kind of say dude every other word. That’s so embarrassing. I hate that I admitted that so scratch that. The long hair was my own personal character trait that I had maybe 30 years ago.”

There are moments when you see Guerrero threaten someone and you know what he may be capable of, but in general the show is light and fun. “I can’t really speak to the performance issue but I think it is always a balancing act for all three characters, especially for Guerrero, that the show needs to be fun. It needs to feel like an adventure in the truest sense of the word, and I think part of what that means is not just that it’s light, but that there’s something hankering it underneath, that there’s some gravitas to it. In some ways I think Guerrero is right at ground zero of that tight rope that we try to walk every week. It’s being able to have one foot in both worlds.”

Still, Haley is just starting to figure out Guerrero. “That’s what’s fun about this guy, it seems like we’re kind of all learning it together. Obviously, we’ve done more shows than what you’ve seen, but it still seems like I’m getting more. I’m just coming up with more questions for him than we are with answers. But, I think as each week starts to go along, we start to, I think, add a little bit more of Chance’s background and the fact that there is some event in his past that was quite a pivotal event that kind of caused Chance to kind of go from one side to another, and I think Guerrero was a part of that. That holds a lot of interest for me. I definitely know that Guerrero has worked on the dark side of things and now he’s working on the more righteous side of things with Chance, but what’s neat about Guerrero is you never really quite know where his loyalties lie. It’s really fun riding that line with the writers and stuff. I don’t think we want to get to those answers real quick. I think it’s fun kind of exploring the multi-dimensionality of this guy, and seeing where it leads and who he is, what makes him tick.”

Human Target airs Wednesday nights on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox

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