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Dixie Carter on TNA

Published February 1, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Spike

This Dixie Carter is no designing woman. She’s in charge of Total Nonstop Action wrestling. The only threat to Vince McMahon’s WWE empire, Carter has a different philosophy about sports entertainment.

Dixie Carter on TNA

“We are giving fans an alternative, and that is so important,” Carter said. “Competition is critical. We’ve grown this company one fan at a time because there was such a demand for wrestling out there. We are doing it differently. You know, our competition may not have the same opinion that competition is good for an industry and take every opportunity to try to shut us down. I mean, it is the truest of David-and-Goliath situations, but we are scrappy. We will not take no for an answer, and we are going to have great success. It’s a lot of fun.”

TNA focuses more on the sport part and less on the wild storylines. “I think that these days you don’t have to be a bigger-than-life cartoon character. I mean, it’s much more about reality and what these guys can do in the ring. They are amazing athletes. I can have an all-pro football player, an NBA star on, and they say, ‘We could never do something like this.’ You have no off season. It’s 52 weeks a year, and then we tour in between that. These guys are incredible athletes, and we do focus on the athleticism on our show much, much more.”

It’s pretty hardcore, so how does a beautiful woman’s touch take a violent sport to the next level? “Well, I was in the music business prior to this and was encouraged to take on this up-start company as a client, and I did. And from the very first, I was taken aback by just, really, how professional these guys were, and I saw the big opportunity that was in front of us. I became more and more involved. I grew up going to a private girls’ prep school, with Saddle Oxfords and sorority girl at Ole Miss. It’s not what I think they trained me for, but it’s been a wonderful opportunity. I’ve never had more fun in my career. The sky is the limit for us. We are all really determined. I mean, what better job for a girl than, you know, having 70 great guys to work with who work hard and have really good hearts.”

Whatever the ringside antics may entail, there’s no reason not to be professional. “I think when you treat people with respect, a lot of times these guys aren’t used to that within this industry, and it’s our goal in front of all of you to change the perception of wrestling out there. And if you treat people the way you want to be treated, I think it will go a long way in our success. We have fun. It’s a great atmosphere, and these guys work so much harder because of that. And that’s why I think we are going to have so much success.”

TNA Impact airs Thursday nights on Spike TV.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Spike

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