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Fred Plays Lego Rock Band on PS3

Published January 6, 2010 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Lego Rock Band PS3Lego Rock Band PS3
Rock Band is such a well oiled machine, it’s hard to imagine new twists on it. More music is always good so I’d settle for that. There’s more to Lego Rock Band than just tracks though.

Console Review: Lego Rock Band PS3

The Lego band figures are adorable, especially the Lego likeness of Queen, but of course I can’t really concentrate on the background while I’m playing. What’s great about Lego Rock Band are the family friendly modes of game play, which of course make it easier for adults to play because kids are just fine.

Recovery mode is most useful. When you fail out, you get to keep strumming or drumming to pick up enough Lego blocks to recover. I’ve managed to get the lowest scores ever and still finish the song. Sure, you could turn on no fail mode, but that doesn’t feel right.

Then there’s Super Easy mode which is not quite as simple as Guitar Hero’s Beginner level. It still shows you all the notes you would be playing on a normal difficulty, but whatever you hit, it registers it correctly. That makes adults, ahem, kids feel like they’re really playing and not getting dumbed down.

Most of the tracks you’ve downloaded are compatible with Lego Rock Band, so it’s just another great way to enjoy music gaming.
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Fred Topel
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