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Walt Disney Treasures: Zorro on DVD

Published December 15, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Walt Disney Treasures: Zorro Walt Disney Treasures: Zorro
The latest Walt Disney Treasures is a change of pace in that it’s a collection of complete TV seasons, rather than themed collections of Disney archival materials. The cool black case lets you know this is not the usual silver set, but you know that under the Walt Disney Treasures label it’s going to be a solid presentation.

Walt Disney Treasures: Zorro on DVD

I figured a weekly series based on Zorro should be some good action every episode. It has to be better than the Antonio Banderas sequel Legend of Zorro. Leonard Maltin does a good job explaining the history of the series and what you’re about to see. That got me even more pumped.

The episodes themselves look great. It’s a sort of grainy black and white, because it’s old TV footage, but it holds up even on my 56” set. The blacks are pure and you see the detail in the sets both interior and natural exterior. That’s pretty impressive for an old serial show to hold up, and not even on Blu Ray.

As might be expected with old TV pacing, and a longer running time than today’s shows, there is a lot of plot and talking. It’s the sort of frontier border stories that feel truthful to the legend, and they manage to get some sword fighting in and even horse chasing. The acting has a flair that harkens back to the swashbuckling old Zorro epics, and you get more than 80 of these when you count the bonus specials.
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Fred Topel
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