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Fred Plays Avatar: The Game

Published December 10, 2009 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Avatar: The GameAvatar: The Game
I was torn about playing the Avatar game before I see the movie. On the one hand, I could learn cool scoops about the movie through it. On the other, I don’t want anything else spoiled. I’ve already seen to much footage. Luckily, it seems like this is a separate entity, though I guess I’ll find out when I see the movie.

Review: Avatar: The Game

It seems like a fairly standard 3D platforming game. The control. Is comfortable. The HUD guides you through the vast map. There may be a little layout confusion but nothing that stumps you for more than a few minutes. You can shoot plants for experience points so you’ll always have something to do. I kind of feel bad shooting creatures that aren’t bothering me, but I guess that’s one of the points of the story.

The human part of the game feels like Rambo on Pandora, but there are cool monsters and weapons. Finally, you get to be an Avatar, which is faster, thank God. It also has different rules for experience points so kill your plants wisely.

There are enough checkpoints it seems so you don’t have to start too far back when you die. So far the game seems task based, so you’ll complete a mission and get the next one. It also gives you a little more to do than just shoot at things.

The graphics are good in a typical HD video game way. Familiar stuff looks like a game version of the Avatar Day clips with different likenesses, since you get to choose your character in the beginning. I’m skipping as much dialogue as I can because I just want to play, but it seems you can get away with that.

A large portion of the game seems to be collecting information on the world any mythology. That’s a clever way to basically do an ad for the movie. “Look at all the cool stuff that’s part of this movie the game is based on!” Well, I was sold anyway.

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Fred Topel
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