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Fred Plays Dragon Age Origins

Published December 1, 2009 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Dragon Age OriginsDragon Age Origins
I don’t usually get into role playing games because as limited as my gaming time is these days, I definitely don’t have the patience for lots of story. If it’s weeks before I can play again, I’m not going to remember what quest I have to accomplish. Dragon Age: Origins looked more up to my speed with its emphasis on action, so I gave it a chance.

Review: Dragon Age Origins

It definitely has all the talking that other RPGs have, but luckily you can skip it all. Personally, I found I could totally follow along with the story just by skipping to my responses and breezing by the plot. For those who have the time to delve into the various mythologies available in Dragon Age, you’ll find well written fantasy dialogue and choices for behavior. I just picked the polite path so I could move along without conflict.

When the action picks up, you are kicking ass. Even at the early skill levels, there are a few choices for side attacks, and different weapons you can handle. I also like the aspect of these games where you take stuff from whoever you kill. The map easily directs you to where you need to go for the mission, leaving the option for exploring around on your own.

The graphics are just beautiful. You might as well be in Middle Earth, or some other copyrighted fantasy realm, but Dragon Age is original. This is kind of what I imagined when I played those old AD&D games with four color graphics and turn based combat. The whole world comes to life now. It’s too bad I’m too busy as an adult to fully immerse in it, but the accessibility of jumping in and skipping to the action gave me a taste of what my kids will enjoy when they start playing games.

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Fred Topel
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