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Fred Goes to Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Published October 26, 2009 in Entertainment
By Fred Topel | Image property of CanMag
Universal Halloween Horror Nights At Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Only one week to go until Halloween and your last chance to experience this year’s Universal Halloween Horror Nights. It took me ¾ of October to get there but I’ve got a report for you on the new movie-themed mazes. You should definitely spring for Front of the Line passes too. It makes your night a breeze and you can go on the good mazes, and theme park rides, multiple times.

Universal Halloween Horror NIghts

The best maze by far is Halloween. They really captured the original John Carpenter movie in an experience that goes from Michael’s childhood house to his adult murder spree. They’ve got clown kids from the movie, an effective Dr. Loomis and The Shapes that get really close to you when they jump out for scares. You’ll see famous kills from the movie. I could only have been happier if they had Busta Rhymes kickboxing Michael in the end.

I really enjoyed the Saw maze as a piece of performance art. They had a surprising amount of live performers in the key traps from the series. It’s some lady’s job to be in the needle pit all night, and I don’t know how they did the water tank. There are some wax figures of others too. There are less jump out at you moments, though watch out for a few pig heads, but seeing yourself on video monitors throughout adds to the feeling that you’re in one of Jigsaws games.

I wish I’d spent more time with the live Chucky outside his maze. That’s the most Chucky you see, and the guy puppeteering him was good at banter. The maze is more a general house of horrors with other F’ed up dolls, and a few Chucky’s scattered along the way. What’s good about this maze is there are tons of dark corners where people can hide and jump out at you, and these performers are particularly good at getting between members of your group for surprise scares.

My Bloody Valentine actually managed to capture the smell of a mine shaft. It sprays you a few times too. There are some scenes from the 3-D movie, although the motel babe is dressed in lingerie.

Skip the Terror Tram though. It creates a logjam that has you at a total standstill for 20 minutes around the War of the Worlds site. There’s nothing worth seeing on this one, only retreads from the superior mazes above. It made us miss the Bill and Ted and Rocky Horror Tribute shows so I won’t be able to recount those. I assume they’re awesome though. I remember a Bill and Ted one from 1999 that incorporated every hit movie of the year.

Thanks to Universal Studios for accommodating us at this year’s Horror Nights.

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Fred Topel
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