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Nicolas Cage Owes Lots of Taxes

Published October 12, 2009 in Gossip
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of WireImage, ABCNews
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage
One thing that amuses me about Hollywood is how hypocritical it is. Any time an actor openly expresses a polarizing opinion I can only think, "what an idiot." If I was a publicist my first rule of thumb would be keep your mouth fu*k*ng shut. But sometimes the actors and actresses out there got talked into a cause and can't help but speak up; usually with humorous effect. One of my favorite hypocrisies of recent is when big-government supporting actors who get rolled for not paying their taxes.

Nicolas Cage Owes Millions to IRS

Listen, I also think the IRS is a bunch of douchebags. I had a partnership a while back -- it doesn't exist anymore -- that didn't net a penny. Due to a lost 1099 I was late filing my personal income taxes, which has something like an $80 penalty, though it also meant that the partnership filing was also late. Considering that the partnership didn't owe a dollar I figured it was no big deal. But alas, once the papers did go through the IRS sent out a letter some 10 months later saying, "Hey, though you didn't owe a penny and this company doesn't exist anymore, you still need to be penalized $2400 for being some months late." Seriously? Let's bail out rich CEOs but hit practically bankrupt small businesses with ridiculous fees. Stupid, but I digress...

While I'd love to be on the side of Wesley Snipes and now Nicolas Cage, I can only laugh at both of them. Both are supporters of big-government, though neither feel it's their responsibility to pay for any of it. We already know what went down with Snipes, and now Cage owes a whopping $6.6 million to the IRS. The high number exists because Cage owes more than $70,190 on his 2002 taxes, $179,738 for 2003, $110,617 for 2004 and a whopping $6,257,005 for 2007. I'm guessing Ghost Rider in 2007 boosted his income tax rate; or is that just gnarly penalties?

Kind of sucks for him, yes, but maybe he'll re-think his current state of hypocrisy.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of WireImage, ABCNews

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