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Fred Loves The Beatles Rock Band

Published October 5, 2009 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
The Beatles Rock Band The Beatles Rock Band

Finally, someone has captured the music of The Beatles the way it was meant to be heard: with random sound dropouts because amateur players are missing the notes. Well, just let that motivate you to play better, because you can’t let this music go to waste.

Rock Band Gives The Beatles

The Beatles Rock Band is exactly what you want. It’s the Rock Band gaming system with the best soundtrack in the world. No matter what stage you’re stuck at, no matter what you have to play randomly, you’re never going to get a bad song. Even the songs you’ve never heard of rock.

The hits provide a great variety of game play. I like guitar, and on Expert, there are songs that go chord crazy and others that have challenging melodies. For example, “Can’t Buy Me Love” requires a keen eye to switch the chords correctly, as fast as you need to. Even a slow song like “Dear Prudence” has a wicked melody to jam. It exemplifies how sophisticated The Beatles music was, even when it sounded simple.

Even bass doesn’t suck. There are some songs with real bass tracks. The main riff you know from “Come Together” is actually on bass, not lead. “Do You Want to Know a Secret” has a bass track that mimics the familiar melody too. Even when it’s not so pronounced, the bass tracks give you something to do, and it feels good to rock a bass groove.

I’m not a fan of drum playing but with the full band set up, it looked like the drums were consistent with other songs. It always seems like it’s mainly red/yellow beats, but always harder than you expect it to be.

For singers, they’ve added the three part harmony. Now I don’t have a trio to join me, so if I go for the harmony, I take my pick of which of the three lines I feel like singing. On Easy, it gives me credit. It also demonstrates how much more is going on behind the music than the tune you hum in your car.

Even the interstitials are great. I normally skip cut scenes, but the animation blending famous Beatles images is beautiful. And it’s set to Beatles songs so you don’t get bored waiting for the next song.

The only complaint about The Beatles Rock Band is that it’s too short. I had a party over and beat it in a night. That just means I have to wait for more albums to come available for download. Stay tuned for my <B>Beatles Rock Band</b> updates, because I’ve only just gotten started.

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Fred Topel
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