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Enver Gjokaj on Dollhouse

Published September 29, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox
Dollhouse Dollhouse
Victor has become a fan favorite in Dollhouse. His infatuation with Sierra (Dichen Lachman) suggests relationships possibly real or constructed. In the show’s second season, actor Enver Gjokaj will have even more to play.

Enver Gjokaj on Dollhouse

“They just love to mess with Victor, man,” Gjokaj said. “Poor Victor. Victor’s going to be imprinted with a lot of really twisted people this season. I wouldn’t say a lot but a few notable ones and then they also like to make a fool of Victor. Or maybe me. Maybe it’s just Enver Gjokaj, they like to see me dance around like an idiot. There’s going to be some twisted, ridiculous stuff. It’s either going to be funny or horrifying or just the biggest hot mess that you’ve ever seen on national television, but it’s going to be something.”

The blessing and the curse is that the writers know his abilities and give him more twisted, silly stuff to do. “One of the fun things is I think the writers now are really actively throwing me some curve balls. Like all right buddy, try this one on for size. It’s really fun. It’s amazing to be on a show where you feel like the writers are actually not writing for you. They’re writing a role and you need to be that role. The exact opposite usually happens. They get to know your personality and they start to cater the characters towards you. It’s quite the opposite on this.”

Whatever personality imprint he has to play week to week, Gjokaj is getting steady practice returning to Victor’s doll state. “It’s becoming easier but it’s always a negotiation. I’m glad that people seem to have responded well to it because you don’t know. When we were first doing it, we were kind of defining the way that we wanted to play it. Nobody said this is the way you play a doll. It’s like sci-fi method acting. If I had no personality, how would I act? Well, you don’t know but you have to kind of try to logically go about it. My way of logically going about it was they’re children. They’re just children. You take away all the experiences that you’ve gained up to this point and you just go back to being what you were before which was a child.”

So far, Victor hasn’t been sent on any kick-ass engagements. If the writers are listening, Gjokaj is game. “I’m dying to shoot a gun. I am dying to blow something up or shoot a gun. I’ve told Joss this but poor Victor just ends up getting beat up and fallen on by fighting dudes and his face slashed. I don't know if Victor’s destined to get in too much ass kicking we’ll see.”

Dollhouse airs Fridays on Fox.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox

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