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Emma Stone on Zombieland

Published September 29, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Columbia Pictures

Emma Stone can handle herself during the zombie apocalypse. Zombieland shows how a pair of sly girls can fend off the undead and any living strangers who wander into their place of refuge.

Emma Stone Tries to Survive Zombieland

“I play a little girl named Wichita who was a con artist before the apocalypse happened, and is really using the zombie world to the best of her advantage in continuing the con,” Stone said. “Stealing cars and weapons from these boys.”

Wichita’s mind is sharp, but when the undead approach, it’s time to get physical. “I got to butt a zombie in the head with the back of my shotgun. He falls eighty feet to his death.”

Director Ruben Fleischer revealed that Stone actually gave the stunt zombie a gaping head wound. That was news to the actor. “We’re going to talk about that later because I didn’t know that. Oh god. Yeah, so I really butted this guy in the head.”


Perhaps she couldn’t help getting into character. “Well, I think any time you’re holding a weapon, and they tell you to pretend you’re shooting a zombie, it’s cathartic. How often do you get to point a gun at a human being and have it not actually hurt them, but still have the effect of it? I guess it’s horrifying that I said that. Horrifying and terrible. Weird insight into my psyche.”

Stone went to the gun range to prepare for the film. “I hadn’t shot a gun before this movie, before I went to the gun range and learned how to shoot guns. That was pretty interesting, getting to shoot all the different guns and learn the safety of weapons.”

Zombieland opens to theaters on October 2nd.

For the trailers, posters, clips and more movie info, go to the Zombieland Movie Page.

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