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Ken Jeong on Community

Published September 28, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC
Community Community

If you were one of the millions of viewers making Community NBC’s new comedy hit, you still haven’t seen all the show has to offer. Starting this week, Ken Jeong joins the cast. He joined his cast at the Paley Center for Media’s fall TV preview to let everyone know he’ll be on the show.

Ken Jeong Talks Community

“It’s so funny because the thing I love about this show is I play Senor Chang the Spanish instructor,” Jeong said. “The pilot is based on the Spanish study group at a community college, with Joel McHale heading that group. I have my own set of issues on top of that, independent of them, so there’s a circle of dysfunction there and a circle of dysfunction on my end.”

If you’re already laughing at Senor Chang’s name, you’re just part of the problem. “I’m very defensive. I feel like everyone’s judging me because I’m an Asian teaching Spanish. Why would any college hire me? So I really feel compelled to show people I’m that good in Spanish.”

With all those personal issues, will Senor Chang actually teach the gang any Spanish? “That’s funny. That’s what we always ask. Are they really learning anything or is it really just a way to project their issues? Is it really just more of a therapy session? It’s funny, in my mind, I am trying to teach them some Spanish because I have studied the script and I really boned up on my Spanish a lot lately.”

You may need subtitles to get all of Jeong’s improvs. “[I’m] trying to make sure I’m getting funny sounding words en espanol. I don't know if I can curse here, can I curse in this? It’s really funny because I’ve never played a role like this before.”

Community airs Thursday nights at 9:30 on NBC.

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Fred Topel
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