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Away We Go on Blu-Ray

Published September 27, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Away We GoAway We Go
Leave it to a totally simple movie to blow Blu Ray wide open. Away We Go has a flawless HD transfer. Not a single shot looks compromised technically. It’s got that clarity that’s like a portal into the film, not even a window because glass would be one level of separation.

On Blu-Ray: Away We Go

It’s a realistic look so the colors you see are natural. There aren’t super gritty details, although you do see the texture of the tummy in close-up. But it’s more about presenting a real world, so you see bright colors but they’re real colors.

You basically take the trip with this couple. Start with the cool natural world of their woodsy home, then go to the harsh bright Arizona desert light, then a green/red Bohemian college town. Montreal looks comfortably normal because that’s the ideal, and the neon of Miami gives way to the interior light of domestic life.

What’s most impressive about Away We Go is how you never see any hint that it’s film. There are lots of wide open sky shots, and there is not a single grain. That’s usually the giveaway, and here it is a pure, solid mass of color, like they downloaded someone’s vision right into your eyes.

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Fred Topel
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