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Simpsons Season 12 Review

Published September 27, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
The Simpsons- The Complete Twelfth Season The Simpsons- The Complete Twelfth Season
I’m still collecting every season of The Simpsons, even though I missed season 11 somehow. I’m still tempted to listen to every episode commentary, though my appreciation of the seasonal sets has been streamlined.

Review: The Simpsons- The Complete Twelfth Season

The motif for Season 12 is Comic Book Guy, so the newly animated menus feature the characters standing in line for various autographs at a convention. It’s a clever riff appropriate to my favorite character, and they come up with some good stuff.

The commentaries themselves have been going through the motions for a few seasons now. By now, it seems like the show became such a well oiled machine, there aren’t that many gossipy stories about each individual one. You can still put one on for your favorite episode and enjoy hearing the crew talk, but I no longer need to chronicle the whole series via commentary.

Deleted scenes offer more Simpsons jokes, though nothing in this batch stood out to me. And I always get a kick out of seeing the various commercials. There’s always something that I never knew they endorsed.

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Fred Topel
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