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Donald Glover on Community

Published September 23, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC
Community Community

What happens to the high school jock when they get injured and lose their college scholarship? They end up at community college. Donald Glover plays that guy in Community, NBC’s new comedy about a study group at the local college. He plays Troy, and Troy is about to meet the Spanish teacher, Senor Chang.

Donald Glover Talks Community

“Well, he’s a little bit of a live wire, Senor Chang” Glover said when he attended the Paley Center for Media’s fall TV preview night. “Ken Jeong is a bit of a live wire but I think just as Troy gets in there, I think him and Bruce will have a bond. They really do. A lot of things, Ken will just point me out and just be like, ‘Yeah, I like that Troy.’”

Troy may still be too busy posturing to actually absorb Chang’s lesson, but he’ll try. “Troy’s learning like I think the basics, like I think la playa, muchas gracias. That’s about the extent he’s probably learned because it’s more a morality class than it is a Spanish class just because Senor Chang is dealing with a whole bunch of stuff as far as we’re concerned. He’s part of the gang, he’s part of the group. I don't think Troy’s learning that much Spanish but he’s learning a lot more. He’s learning life.”

Glover also has another comedy legend on the set. Chevy Chase plays Pierce and Glover has not tired of asking fanboy questions. “I always wanted to be like, ‘Richard Pryor, what was Richard Pryor like.’ Also just, ‘Okay, on that first season of SNL, everybody was pretty gone, right? Like pretty high all the time, right?’ Or just to know what Steve Martin was like. It was mostly just like SNL questions, like that first year must have been crazy, right? He’s been great about answering, telling stories and stuff like that.”

Even though Chase modestly says everyone is used to him now, Glover admits the novelty has not worn off. “No, it’s not going to wear off. I’ll be a fanboy every second because it’s never going to be like, ‘Oh, there’s Chevy Chase the legend.’ That’s just him being modest. Everybody loves him. Everybody can’t get enough.”

Community airs Thursday nights at 9:30 on NBC.

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Fred Topel
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