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Prison Break: The Final Break on Blu-Ray

Published September 21, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Prison Break: The Final BreakPrison Break: The Final Break
Prison Break was always one of the best looking shows in HD. Its crisp color palette, hard lines in gritty settings and juicy man sweat provided a lot of detail to see. On Blu Ray, it’s one of the only shows that holds up to film.

On Blu-Ray: Prison Break: The Final Break

The Final Break still looks like a TV show. Even though it’s a “movie,” it’s really just a two part series finale episode. You can tell by the camera work and staging that it’s constructed to get the job done, a little looser thanks to modern cameras, but not painstakingly staged for each frame to mean something.

90% of the shots hold together smoothly. Occasionally, there’s a night shoot, an interior or a horizon line that gets a bit grainy, but it only looks like film, not a digital mistake. There’s still detail in the industrial prison sets, though the man sweat is minimal now that the boys spend most of the time indoors.

The movie itself is a fitting conclusion. At least it feels more like Prison Break than season four when they were just going on government missions. Since it’s only 90 minutes, it rushes through the juicy planning and preparations, but it’s there. The setup is also ridiculous as it rushes to establish the new incarceration. But, at least it’s a prison break. It’s worth watching once, though I’d more likely watch the first two seasons again before keeping this on my shelf.

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Fred Topel
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