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A Surprisingly Entertaining Whiteout

Published September 10, 2009 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Warner Bros
Whiteout Poster Whiteout
For a movie that’s been delayed for two years, Whiteout is surprisingly entertaining. It’s a perfectly passable thriller with enough of a twist to keep the standard plot exciting.

Review: Whiteout

It certainly looks pretty. The snowy landscape and those lights in the sky will look great on Blu Ray. Of course, it has to tell us that Antarctica is cold and isolated, because if anyone coming to this movie doesn’t know that then the whole gimmick doesn’t work.

It’s even got some playful naked cocks and gratuitous Kate Beckinsdale underwear and shower, with strategically placed steam. I mean, they’re going to have her bundled up the whole movie. They wouldn’t want anybody to forget that she’s totally hot.

The procedures of the Antarctic station make it interesting. It would just be a murder investigation, but what the cold does to bodies makes the clues different. The methods for getting from place to play without losing your way in the snow make chases more dangerous.

Yes, it’s the U.S. Marshall’s last days on the job, and it’s the doctor’s retirement and if only there weren’t this murder at the last minute, everything would have gone according to plan. Yes, it’s totally predictable but getting there is entertaining.

There are enough action sequences that you haven’t seen before, or twists on what you have. There’s one foot chase that’s just the standard passersby getting in the way, but the ones in the snow have unique elements like the rope, and just the dire situation of having to crawl through ice without gloves. An escape from a deadly trap is some Antarctic MacGyver.

Whiteout is the most surprising thrill ride of the summer, in that it is adequately thrilling and I didn’t expect that. Certainly Transformers, Terminator Salvation and Taking of Pelham 123 didn’t deliver. There’s nothing in Whiteout that you need to see, but if you happen upon it as a generic time killer, it’s solid.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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