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Audrina Patridge Killed on Sorority Row

Published September 8, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Summit Entertainment
Sorority Row Sorority Row

The Hills' Audrina Patridge is the first victim of Sorority Row. That’s not a spoiler, it’s the plot. As Megan, she participates in a prank on a fraternity boy, but dies when it goes wrong. Covering up her death instigates the rest of the slasher killing on Sorority Row.

Audrina Patridge Talks Sorority Row

“Well, Megan, she was in the beginning of the movie and her boyfriend cheats on her, so you cheat on one Theta Pi, you cheat on all Theta Pis,” Patridge said. “So the prank that we come up with isn’t very nice. I mean, shooting, it was so much fun just shooting at the quarry, all the blood. I mean, seeing it on the big screen with the music and it’s so different than when you’re actually shooting it. I had such a great time though. I was very fortunate to be able to shoot it because I had to go back to film and so they allowed me those two weeks off so we crammed everything in there and did it.”

At first, Patridge plays Megan pretending to be dead to freak her boyfriend out. When she dies for “real,” it’s a different performance. “Well, pretend dying, that was baking soda and vinegar I had all the back of my mouth, making out with Matt and he didn’t like that very much. Not the making out part but the vinegar and baking soda is bad. That was all fun and then it was totally different because I was just like choking and whatever, shaking, but when the actual tire iron comes and it’s jabbed in your chest, that took a lot of acting. Then it was so cold outside, I was trying not to shake. So laying there on the ground in 32 degree weather, freezing, trying not to shake, it was hard. It was a challenge but it came out good.”

Sorority Row Poster Sorority Row

Sorority Row Sorority Row

It sounds like tough work, but Patridge had fun. “I did have the best two weeks ever. Yeah, I wish I could’ve been there longer but I had to go back to L.A. and do my other job so I was fortunate for those two weeks and to be a part of the movie and I made some really good friends from this new movie and I’m just happy with everything.”

Patridge is used to having cameras in her face, but she preferred the film cameras to reality TV. “I like the scripts and film cameras better. That’s what I moved to L.A. to do and that’s what I want to do and it’s more challenging. You actually get to be a character and get out of yourself and be someone else. Whereas on reality TV, you’ll go for two hours, film, say what you want and leave. So it’s like day and night, it’s very different, although the cameras did make me very comfortable in front of the cameras.”

Sorority Row opens to theaters on September 11th.

For the trailers, posters, stills and more movie info, go to the Sorority Row Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Summit Entertainment

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