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Glee Boys

Published September 8, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of FOX
Glee Glee

High school performing arts clubs usually include more girls than boys. The cast of Glee is balanced, but even within the ensemble the actors find themselves outnumbered by the actresses.

The Guys Talk Glee

“I quit choir in 6th grade, so I didn't really have to think about that,” said Kevin McHale. “But that was always the thing. I was one or two or three boys in choir, so we were kind of the default, ‘Oh, you can sing this. It's kind of low.’ But I have a girlish high voice, so I just lost anyway.”

For Chris Colfer, the ratio had its advantages in real life and on the show. “Less competition, for one, when we were auditioning,” Colfer said. “I think that was my favorite part. I think Kurt probably loves that there's more girls in glee, but then he probably hates it, too, for reasons I won't go into. But I think he can relate to girls more than he can with guys.”

Mark Salling had a more balanced experience. “In our glee club, I think it's pretty even,” Salling said. “I was not in choir in high school or junior high. So I don't remember that.”

Castmates call McHale the best dancer on the show. It may be a moot point because he plays a character confined to a wheelchair. He’ll never get to show off to the viewers at home.

“I absolutely love playing somebody in a wheelchair,” McHale said. “I've learned so much from it and I just appreciate the fact that I get to get up after every take. It's amazing. I mean, I come from a dancing background. So for me being able to be in a wheelchair and watch everybody else dance is kind of torture but it's been awesome.”

Cory Monteith gets to do enough dancing to make up for McHale. “Especially in the beginning because we were learning how to work with a choreographer and shoot the show and prerecord the music, to learn the dance choreography too,” Monteith said. “So at the beginning of the show, we were taking weeks to do some of these dance numbers. Near the end of the season, we were taking days. So everything had just gotten compacted and condensed and it's a huge workload alongside eight days to shoot an episode. So it's pretty much every moment that we're not shooting the show, we're learning the dance routines or choreographing the dance routines or recording the songs. So it's a lot. It's great that it's all good stuff.”

Salling has a bit of the athletic prowess of his character, but he is truly a gleek. “I was kind of more of a hippie in high school, to be honest,” Salling said. “I wrestled. I didn't play football. But, yeah, I try to make the character my own and try to implement aspects of my personality into him. So hopefully you will be seeing me in some degree.”

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of FOX

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