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Elijah Wood on 9

Published September 8, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Focus Features, TrailerAddict
9 9

Whenever we cover animated movies, it’s always the same thing. It was so weird recording all alone without the other actors. It’s so hard to perform by yourself with just a microphone and the director. Well, Elijah Wood finally has something interesting to say about recording animated voices. He plays the title character in 9.

Wood Counts to 9

“Don’t go in too hungry,” Wood said. “You’ll have a lot of problem with stomach gurgles. This is the mundane sh*t that you don’t think about. Yeah, stomach gurgles. It’s so interesting.”

Another pet peeve for voiceover artists is dry mouth. “There’s water, but then not too much water. You kind of just know. You also hear your own voice so you can kind of gauge where you’re at. So, dry mouth definitely is a weird one. Clicking noises. You can’t move too much because if you move too much, then there’s rustling noises of your clothing so that goes into it. It’s interesting. The mic picks up so much so a stomach gurgle there would have been horrible. We’d have to go again.”

Sometimes the filmmakers need random noises. When 9 runs and fights in action scenes, he still has to breathe. “They do like grab bag breathing takes. We did that sometimes with ADR on movies too where you do a whole wild take of breaths and efforts and they tend to do that towards the end of the day. It’s like grabbing things, falling, being hit. You have to get different versions so it’s like long, short, more intense, less intense. It’s the whole world of voice, guys.”

9 9

9 9

In 9, a group of living rag dolls starts society over in a post apocalyptic world full of mechanical beasts. “People are connecting certainly to the theme of technology being our downfall and I think that’s certainly in there, but it’s also technology at the hands of greed and it’s at the hands of power hungry people. It’s ultimately humanity that corrupts the machinery to turn on humanity and I thought that was interesting because the scientist creates this machine for peace. The great Chancellor announces this machine that will lead us into 100 years of peace, but then that machine gets circumvented and turned into a war machine and then the war machine turns on man. I just loved that. I thought that was very interesting and I think it’s something that we can certainly relate to, common themes of greed and lust for power, but also technology and what our relationship with technology is and could it eventually turn on us. But, I don’t necessarily think that’s what the movie is about.”

What it’s about might be even simpler. “I like the journey that he takes. He comes into this world extremely naïve because he doesn’t have any perspective as to what had transpired and who 1 through 8 are and they’ve already established a sort of hierarchy. They’ve established a community that is built on keeping themselves away from what they fear. Then he comes in and says, ‘Well wait, why have you set this up and who are we and where did these machines come from?’ He comes with all of these questions. I really responded to his fearlessness and his questioning and ultimately taking on board the fact that he has to help bring these people together to see what they are and how to ultimately combat the machines. I liked that about him and I think his journey is sort of a heroic journey. He ultimately becomes heroic and courageous throughout the course of that journey with these characters. But, it’s also a very cerebral one. He’s the one getting them to all answer questions and think outside of the fear that they’ve established.”

9 opens to theaters on September 9th.

For the trailers, posters, stills and more movie info, go to the 9 Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Focus Features, TrailerAddict

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