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The Boys of All About Steve

Published September 2, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of 20th Century Fox
All About Steve All About Steve

Steve is the man of the title All About Steve but there is a trio of guys running away from Sandra Bullock in the film. Bradley Cooper plays Steve, a cameraman for a reporter played by Thomas Haden Church. Ken Jeong plays their producer.

Cooper, Church and Jeong on All About Steve

“I shadowed an NBC field cameraman, and I actually learned a lot of little tidbits and terms that they used,” said Cooper. “It was very beneficial.”

The story focuses on Mary Horowitz (Bullock)’s relentless pursuit of Steve. Along the way, Church’s character messes with Steve to make things even harder. However, Church saw an important through line about TV news.

“The fact that the story exposes the manufacturing of drama in the media [appealed to me],” Church said. “Bradley made a comment a couple of days ago about how it’s over-taking primetime television, in terms of this entertainment fascination factor, which is so true. The movie is coming out now, with all of the hype surrounding the National Health Plan and Cash for Clunkers. Every single news item becomes a shark frenzy. And then, whenever the next thing comes up, it’s completely over. They’re pouring hypoxia in car engines. Those are the clunkers. Rick Sanchez is talking about one thing, and tweeting his ass off to people in Columbia, and the whole time, they’re running all these other things across the bottom of the screen, like ‘Walter Cronkite died,’ but that’s just zipping by.”

All About Steve Poster All About Steve

All About Steve All About Steve

By the end of her journey, Mary learns that she’s just fine the way she is. Jeong thought his producer character was a parallel to her. “He was brand new to the job of producer,” Jeong said. “He was very intimidated by Steve and Hartman Hughes (Church), so there was a little bit of an arc where I felt like, towards the end, he’s coming out of his shell too. I was consciously trying to do that. It was great because it wasn’t unlike actually working with them. They’re all so great. It was the second movie I had ever done, and I was so nervous being around them. I was naturally intimidated, in a good way. I was like, ‘Instead of fighting that, just embrace that and use that for the character.’”

Cooper has had a big year with the success of The Hangover, but he says nothing’s changed. “There’s no attention,” Cooper siad. “Other than promoting the movie, that’s about it. There’s no real difference. I haven’t noticed that big of a difference.”

All About Steve opens to theaters on September 4th.

For the trailer and more movie info, go to the All About Steve Movie Page.

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Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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