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Dominic Monaghan on Flash Forward

Published September 1, 2009 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of ABC
Flash Forward Flash Forward

Poor Charlie. We may get to see him once or twice more on Lost’s final season, but he’s really gone. Now Dominic Monaghan will join another ensemble of a TV obsession in the makings. Flash Forward is already touted as the new Lost.

Dominic Monaghan Gets Lost Then Flash Forward

“There're obviously similarities,” Monaghan said. “A large ensemble cast, very ambitious storyline, and a very easy way to sell the show internationally. I think there're distinct differences at the same time. I don't think necessarily we're dealing with something as deeply rooted in a mythology that needs to be solved. I think this is a show that is, not necessarily to use the word simplistic, but is probably not as sophisticated in that deeply rich mythology as Lost is.”

The story of <B>Flash Forward</B> is quite simply that everybody in the world has a vision of April 29. Some see good things in their future and some see bad. “I pick projects based on good scripts. I don't stipulate between film or theater or television. I receive scripts, and I read scripts. And when I read a script that's good, I then get married to it and talk to my agent about what happens next.”

Monaghan is not in the first episode of Flash Forward. They found a part for him later. “What happened was I was actually in Hawaii. I read <B>Flash Forward</b>. I loved the pilot, but I called my agent, and I said, ‘I love the show, but there's nothing that I can do. I don't see a part in here for me. I don't want to take a deeply American part away from someone who is authentically American and pretend to be American when I'm from Manchester.’ So that was my feeling, and my agent said, ‘Well, look. When I talk with the Goyers I’ll see what they say.”

David S. Goyer and his wife Jessika created the show. “I guess David and Jessica very generously said, ‘Look, why don't we meet, and we'll discuss, and we'll chat, and we'll see what's going on.’ And we met at a bar called Delancey on Sunset, kind of Sunset and Bronson, in case you guys are into like Google Maps or anything like that. I did drink Boddingtons from Manchester and essentially it's one of the more special business meetings in my life because David had said, ‘What do you want to do? What do you want it do next? What's your plan?’ And I said, ‘It's important for me as an actor as it has been throughout my career to try and do something drastically different from the last character that I played.’ The last character that I played being Charlie on <B>Lost</B>, who David and Jessica obviously knew quite well. And they said, ‘We think that we can do that. We think that we can find a character for you that would help you to get there.’ And, then all we needed to talk about was money.”

Flash Forward premieres this September on ABC.

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