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Final Destination Smites Halloween II

Published August 31, 2009 in Box Office
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of New Line Cinema, Variety
The Final Destination Poster The Final Destination
Taking advantage of the 3D format, New Line's The Final Destination was able to blow by TWC's Halloween II this weekend with $28.3 million. TWC was so impressed with how well Destination did, their next destination for the Halloween franchise is the 3D medium as well.

Box Office Bout: The Final Destination vs Halloween II

Though October is still a month out, horror was big biz at the box office this weekend. The Final Destination won the weekend, and H2 still came in strong at $17.4 million. TWC claims they were pleased with coming in second for horror, but I'm thinking they just have a lot of left over euphoria after seeing Inglourious Basterds continue to perform well.

If you keep up with my updates, then you likely already know that I don't have much love for the horror genre. While the film's usually fall short on quality, they do make it up in cash receipts. Thanks most in part to horror, the weekend was up 38% over the same frame last year. The strong numbers also pushed summer 2009 into a tie with summer 2007, the best summer at the domestic box office with $4.16 billion in ticket sales. With Labor Day weekend yet to come, expect summer 2009 to blow right by this number and further prove that Hollywood is recession proof.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of New Line Cinema, Variety

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