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Ryan Plays G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra on His PS3

Published August 27, 2009 in Console Games
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders
G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Video games based on recent/upcoming releases are rarely good. To be honest, I never buy them. Even when the Transformers video game looked incredibly fun to play in the commercials, I was still too hesitant to touch it. With another Hasbro adaptation hitting theaters this summer, it was a sure bet that G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra would have a game tie-in as well.

PS3: G.I. Goe: The Rise of Cobra

If you’re looking for G.I. Joe euphoria and something to do during the downtime, then G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (on PS3) should hold you over. If you are not a fan of the recent movie, however, you may hate the fact that each of the characters look exactly like the actor who portrays them on screen. Even many of the voices lineup; but don’t expect the best voice acting. This wouldn’t normally be a problem for me, but there is a ton of er, edgy dialogue that takes place during gameplay and much of it does not deliver well.

When it comes to honoring the franchise, the game does take advantage of load screens by providing information you may or may not know about the G.I. Joe franchise. There are some really cool facts, and the game does allow you to unlock conceptual art and screen caps so, like I said, this game is hoping you’re a fan of the film.

Once the game puts you in control, its more button mashing than anything else. For one, your character never runs out of ammo, giving that shoot ‘em up arcade feel. While this may work for some, holding the trigger actually makes the game a bit boring at times. This technique (sadly) works effectively at finding hidden targets and landing shots on enemy soldiers long before the camera can see them. And speaking of camera, that was one of the first frustrating things you’ll encounter.

Instead of allowing you to look in the direction of your character, the camera faces the way it wants you to go. That means you will have to fight some baddies that you virtually never see or look at. The camera also likes to linger behind you, so when you swing around a corner you are blind to what’s coming for a few seconds. This issue must have been caught beforehand, as EA is sure to not allow baddies to appear until your character gets some way down corridors after turns.

In the end, the game is more about holding the trigger and quickly looking every direction. The plot elements are borrowed from the film, which may bother some, but at least the campy theme music comes in every once in a while. Some may find this mindless shooting fun and simple – hey, we all could use a break not requiring any thought process – but prolonged play felt more tedious than fun. So er, go Joe!?

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