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Fred Plays Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

Published July 22, 2009 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Guitar Hero: Smash HitsGuitar Hero: Smash Hits
I’ve been waiting for the old Guitar Hero songs in a compatible version for PS3 so I’m in heaven with Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. I just wish they ported the full version so I could play every single song, but at least I get these. I know they had to go and add the drums and singing, but I’m still just jamming on the guitar.

PS3: Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

The songs I remember from playing Guitar Hero II at friends’ houses seem the same here. They didn’t get all newfangled, though I caught some extended sustains thrown in there. Of course I can vouch for Guitar Hero III songs, my entrée into the phenomenon. It’s World Tour rules though, so you can continue racking up star power while you’re in a powered riff.

The mix in career mood is pleasant. There are enough selections from each game, enough variety to keep you going unlocking all the songs throughout your career. You don’t necessarily have to wait for the encore to unlock the next set, and then if you’re stuck, you can go back and finish an earlier set and do the encore to earn more songs.

Of course, adding the singing is fun for a karaoke junkie like me. Growling Nirvana is almost as good as whining “About a Girl” from World Tour. Almost. “Cherry Pie” is easy to scream and I can certainly wail on “More Than a Feelin’.”

I feel I notice the difference with master tracks versus covers that may have appeared before, and I don’t know music, so it must be a big difference. I wish there were more selections from Rocks the ‘80s but I understand I and II were the main focus with some lip service paid to spinoffs.
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Fred Topel
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