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About Last Night on Blu-Ray

Published July 22, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
About Last NightAbout Last Night
This non Brat Pack ‘80s rom-com has a pretty good Blu Ray. It’s not the surreal, incredible restoration, but it’s pretty damn good. You can tell it’s a film. It maintains some of that look and some softness or grain, but there are moments of Blu Ray glory.

On Blu-Ray: About Last Night

Old cityscapes of Chicago look perfectly clear and sharp. Winter looks particularly nice. Some daylight close-ups show extreme detail, like skin divots and stubble. It’s about half and half, detailed scenes and soft but still clear and colorful scenes. Demi Moore just looks angelic as a young, pure girl.

Bar scenes show that red light in Blu Ray color. Outdoors shows lush greens. Banal indoors like the apartment setting don’t do much, but again it’s not like a centerpiece movie. It’s just a solid transfer for anyone who likes this one.

The more revealing bedroom scenes are actually darker than I remember when I fast forwarded through the VHS of this. Maybe the accurate reproduction is a detriment to sleazier fans! But then that window light looks stellar in a scene that would otherwise be dim.
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Fred Topel
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