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Fred Plays Guitar Hero on Tour: Modern Hits

Published July 20, 2009 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Guitar Hero on Tour: Modern HitsGuitar Hero on Tour: Modern Hits
I’m always a fan of having more songs to strum for Guitar Hero, so even though I’m not such a fan of modern music, more songs are a good thing. At least they have a few I know, like Weezer, and I discovered some recent bands that, if not my specific taste, have good note patterns to strum.

Nintendo DS: Guitar Hero on Tour: Modern Hits

The On Tour interface for Modern Hits seems to have improved over previous Nintendo DS games. The touch screen seems less sensitive to rapid strumming so I can nail those streaks better. The addition of a star power mic you can just touch helps me maintain it, so I don’t have to scream or blow every time.

Chord patterns like green/red to yellow/blue and back feel natural, though still dextrous. The new format of adding fan challenges gives the game more of an objective feel, and there seem to be enough choices that you can advance on the songs you like. You’re not totally forced to replay songs you hate just to clear them. Even bass objectives can be challenging!

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Fred Topel
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