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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Review

Published July 14, 2009 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Lego BattlesDynasty Warriors Gundam 2
I don’t know Dynasty Warriors or Gundam or anything anime, but I do know big robot battle suits fighting. The Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 video game is fun even if you don’t know the series on which it is based.

Review: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

Basically, the game is just running around slashing enemy robot suits. Of course it can get more complicated or nuanced as you upgrade, but it wouldn’t have to. Slicing robot suits is fine, even if you can figure out how to launch the arm cannon (it’s not as effective as the up close slash anyway.) The controls are easy to figure out, unlike overly complex robot games like Armored Core For Answer.

Potentially the only difficult thing to figure out is how to enter battle fields in space. You have to actually approach the cluster of enemies to get in range, and in open space, you can get twisted around easily. You’ll get the hang of it though, and there is an arrow to show you where you’re pointed. The variety of space and land missions keeps things fun too.

The graphics are great. It would definitely feel like playing three dimensional anime, if anime were something I were into. The characters popping up to speak to you throughout battle would also be a treat for fans of the series. For me, it’s just company while I blast robot suits.

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Fred Topel
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