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Fred Plays Lego Battles

Published July 6, 2009 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Lego BattlesLego Battles
Lego Battles isn’t Command & Conquer for kids. It’s Command & Conquer for grown-ups who don’t have time to play multi-hour campaigns or keep track of all the different tools. Kids have no problem with the complicated games. I like the simpler ones.

Review: Lego Battles

The setup is similar to all other RTS games. You set up a base and pump out some soldiers, then explore the terrain for monetary resources and take out the enemy. The twists in Battles include water in pirate missions and aliens in space missions. No matter the setting, the basic play is the same.

The controls are intuitive, with the touch screen pointing to the units you want to select and where you want them to go. The map reveals itself the further out you go. You can’t really send units too far, because they’ll often get stuck and not know how to go around something, so you do still have to direct them, particularly your ocean ships.

Of course there are Lego bricks to find, and for some reason, I could find myself spending an hour after a mission is completed clearing away every tree until I find the 20th block.

One you learn all the units, the rules, the ideal order to building things, you can figure out each mission. So far I haven’t come across a mission I couldn’t solve in one try. Just once I let myself die so that I could just restart and execute my strategy from the beginnings.

It’s a good game to play while you’re busy too. You can just give a few orders, then wait out the battles and come back to give more orders. It may take a bit to end a mission so you can save, but it likely won’t hurt too much to leave the DS on and keep the mission going.

Lego Battles is the perfect RTS game for someone like me. On the go, I’m not going to get deeply involved in strategy, although I can figure out how to kick some Lego butt. It’s adorable, so I just watch my little guys fight and build and I’m happy.

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Fred Topel
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