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Jessica Biel Feeling Thor?

Published July 2, 2009 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, NuketheFridge
Jessica Biel Jessica Biel
I love Jessica Biel. Her body is exactly my type, plus she's hot and not afraid to flaunt it. And have I mentioned her budonka-butt. Whew! All these attribute make Thor a lucky man, as the hero might soon be cuddling up with her.

Jessica Biel Might Cuddle with Thor

The good people at NuketheFridge have posted what I can now only call a rumor about Jessica Biel. According to them, she has been approached about playing a romantic interest in Thor.

Reportedly if cast, Biel will play the love interest of "Thor." The most probable love interest for "Thor" would more than likely be "Jane Foster," a nurse and girlfriend of "Thor" alter ego Donald Blake. But the problem is that our source was not sure of the character's name, but seemed to believe it was the same female character from the animated "Hulk vs Thor." If that is the case, since "Jane Foster" was not in the animated movie, Biel is more than likely playing either "Amora, The Enchantress" or "Sif." Those characters did appear in "Hulk vs Thor."

Though we don't know exactly which character she might become just yet, Biel has the look and ability to tackle any of them. Besides, the tougher she looks, the hotter she seems to get. Based on what we know of the film's plot, NTF is thinking Enchantress. As good a guess as any, I suppose.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, NuketheFridge

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