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Ryan Reynolds on The Proposal

Published June 18, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Touchstone Pictures
The Proposal The Proposal

Ryan Reynolds just did a lot of action stunts as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now he does comedy stunts in the romantic comedy The Proposal. While faking a wedding to his boss (Sandra Bullock), he and his costar end up naked trying to cover up their R-rated parts.

Ryan Reynolds Talked Into The Proposal

“You don’t normally combine nudity with stunts,” Reynolds said. “This isn’t like expertly Cirque De Soleli porn. It’s a movie, and you have these scenes when you slam into each other, you fall onto the ground, and I would always know that something popped out wrong, because you’d see the cameraman go, ‘Ohhh!’ Like I guess by hour four, I’d abandoned the fig leaf or whatever the hell they gave me, and I was just throwing caution to the wind. Or other things in the wind as well.”

After that scene, Reynolds and Bullock got very close. “Look, I always say that chemistry is something that is impossible to manufacture. It’s either there or it isn’t, and the fact that you’re friends, doesn’t necessarily equate to great chemistry, so we learned early on that we had it, and I was so grateful for that. It’s like one of the few, I think, magical things about film that still exists, is that there’s no way to manipulate that, it’s either there magically, or it’s not. And we had it and it was amazing.”

The Proposal The Proposal

The Proposal The Proposal

He also had chemistry with Betty White, who plays his grandmother in the film. “Betty has the best exit line I’ve ever heard for a movie. On her last day, I’ve never seen a crew give such an enormous standing ovation to somebody, and grown grips with ZZ Top beards crying because Betty’s leaving, and Betty turns around and says, ‘I want everyone to know that this is the most fun that I’ve ever had on a film set…’ Everyone’s crying, and as she walks out the door, she turns back and says, ‘Standing up.’”

Reynolds’ character is forced to marry his boss to solve an immigration issue. Perhaps the lesson is: be nice to your assistants. “We’ve all had that moment where the agent thought he hit hold. Wow, that sounds like Hamburger Hill in the background, terrific.”

The Proposal opens to theaters on June 19th.

For the trailers, poster, stills and more movie info, go to the The Proposal Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Touchstone Pictures

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