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Fox Blu-Rays for May

Published June 16, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
May was a big month for lots of studios to release a bunch of diverse titles. Here are some selections from Fox.

Fox Blu Rays

Big – This is a solid Blu Ray transfer of the classic Tom Hanks dramedy. It’s totally clear with a little soft ‘80s gloss to keep all the actors looking pretty. You’ll see some grain in the plain white backgrounds of a lot of the office interiors but as he gets more toys and gets invited to fancier parties, the frame fills up with colorful distractions. Colors really pop. They really go fro the bright, heightened, playful childhood view of things.

Driven to Kill – Ah, straight to video Steven Seagal. Probably shot on HD, the Blu Ray presentation gives the footage a saturated film look. It’s all grainy, but you still see detail in the background. It makes the film look cheap, but I don’t think they’re trying to make any excuses. So you get to see some low budget throwback to the glory days and a little extra detail along the way.

Fargo – Ah, snow. Different levels of powder, different lighting, all sorts of ways to look at layers of flakes. The whole film is super grainy and the grains are bigger than snowflakes so some detail is often obscured, but it’s there. Every scene looks like it’s happening in front of you, quite a transfer for a 14-year-old film, yet all that grain, whether film or digital, is unavoidable. The clarity is modern, but I guess instead of looking through a window, it’s like looking through a screen. It’s all their behind the screen though. The wood chipper scene is pretty clear though, so it all comes to a head there.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - This classic looks good, as good as it probably ever did, but not great. It’s clean and clear, with grain visible onl rarely. However, there isn’t the level of detail you’d like to see in a really fine restoration. I mean, the desert looks totally flat. Those run down old pueblos just look superficially gritty. The battlefield is strewn with debris but you can’t really see it. Colors aren’t particularly lush but that may be the original look of the film. Again, no complaints, but nothing to shout about either.

S. Darko – This movie went straight to video but it looks like a theatrical film, and better than most. It is totally clear, supernaturally vibrant and shiny. Those lovely young girls look stunning and the scenery is painfully subtle. Wrinkles in paint, scratches on glass, charred wreckage and those suburban colors popping off everything. This would be a home theater demo disc, if it were a movie that anybody recognized outside of the cult world.

There’s Something About Mary – There’s a certain soft gloss that makes this still look like a movie. It’s not grainy, they’ve softened that up, but it doesn’t look like a window. You see a bit of the artistry in the zipper prosthetic, more so in Magda’s topless closeup where you can distinguish the paint on the latex. Scenes around Miami have a bit of pastel but nothing too unreal. It’s a solid film presentation.

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Fred Topel
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