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The Cell 2 a Laughable Knock-Off

Published June 15, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
The Cell 2The Cell 2
I’m interested in some straight to video sequels because there are some franchises that seem low maintenance enough that they could do good quickie entries. I was interested in The Cell 2 because that movie was so dependant on a substantial budget to create the visuals that were the only reason for the mediocre story to exist, how could they possibly crank one out?

Review: The Cell 2

As expected, the film is a laughable knock-off. I mean, the actors look good doing it but it’s a generic story about telepathy and a serial killer. God bless actors getting work. These are tough times.

There are very few Cell worthy visuals. Some stuff just looks like Tron. The killer may be more devious than Vincent D’Onofrio but he’s definitely not as elegant, if that’s even part of what attracted you to the original.

The Blu Ray looks okay. I mean, it’s hi-def for sure, as it must have been conceived for the format, but it doesn’t have anything in it to exemplify HD. The best of the visuals look like solid HDTV. The gritty stuff looks sharp, but nothing to speak about. Snow scenes look crisp, but it’s clear these aren’t the top of the line cameras capturing detailed reality.

But hey, if you’re like me, this review won’t deter you. You’ll have to see the generic SAG day player version

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Fred Topel
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