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Up Scores at the Box Office

Published May 31, 2009 in Box Office
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Pixar, Variety
Up Up
No surprise here. Tough Up faced some serious competition during its opening bow, including one film that continues to draw family moviegoers, the film did just fine at the box office.

Box Office Report: Up vs Drag Me to Hell

Pixar's Up earned $68.2 million to help Pixar hold onto their undefeated winning streak for opening releases. Though the film was up against Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which performed admirably with $25.5 million during its second weekend, the two family films found a way to share the younger audiences.

What helped Up was the film's use of the 3D medium. Playing in 1,534 3D-capable theaters, the film did 2.2 times as well here than in conventional locations. The Up debut marked the third biggest Pixar opening weekend after 2004’s The Incredibles ($70.5 million) and 2003’s Finding Nemo ($70.3 million). As expected, 31% of the audience consisted children under the age of twelve.

Though Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell had the horror genre all to itself, nevermind the terrific reviews, the film was only able to pull in $16.6 million for the number three spot. While the ticket sales felt low to outside forecasts, especially considering that it was a box office friendlier PG-13, Universal announced that these were the numbers they were expecting. I have to admit that I'm somewhat disappointed, considering that we've seen horrible horror films do much better. I'm starting to think that horror-buffs don't like good horror movies; sort of like a slap to the genre.

Coming in at number four was Terminator Salvation, which was only able to earn $16.1 million in its second frame. The quick drop in ticket sales is to be expected, since the film was obviously lacking something; I have yet to put my finger on it.

Still one of my favorite films of the year, Star Trek continues to hold strong with a respectable $12.8 million in its fourth frame. The film has so far grossed $209.5 million domestically, being the first to cross the $200 million mark.

Like its predecessor, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons continues to see more strength overseas. While the film pulled in $11.2 million domestically during its third weekend, it killed it international with $32.9 million.

Since next weekend's releases look more dedicated to comedies, most of these box office toppers should be breathing a sigh of relief to see lacking competition in their respective genres for the next week or two.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Pixar, Variety

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