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Schwarzenegger Collection on DVD

Published May 26, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Schwarzenegger CollectionSchwarzenegger Collection
Lionsgate’s repackaging of their four Arnold titles is actually inadvertently a greatest hits collection. Three of them are seminal Arnold movies, and the fourth is one of the rare forgettable throwaway films so it’s noteworthy for that.

On DVD: Schwarzenegger Collection

Terminator 2 of course is the definitive Arnold movie. It’s his greatest success, his trademark character and the prototype for all future attempts at capturing a similar audience.

However, I would point to Total Recall as a personal favorite. It had the sci-fi and moral/reality questioning, plus the kick ass action that made Arnold a summer movie hero.

Of course, you can go all the way back to The Running Man for a pure, simple exercise in sci-fi action. There’s X number of bad guys, Arnold’s in an arena and he has to kill them all, with a few funny digs at pop culture via future society.

Red Heat is the only unmemorable buddy cop knockoff. However, so few of Arnold’s movies were this generic, it even stands out on that level. The film does not hold up today though I remember when it came out, it was a perfectly fine Arnold fix.
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Fred Topel
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